Please seek some clarification here before you contact us regarding job opportunities, advertising, CV reviews and any other issue.

My Job Uganda is owned by Utile Solutions Limited a Human Resource and Management Consulting Company in Uganda. We bring to you over 20 years’ experience and expertise across over 30 countries in Africa and Asia. For Job Seekers: We support job seekers’ search for jobs, CV review and writing, preparation for interviews and mock psychometric testing. For Employers: We also support businesses/government or not for profit organizations in carrying out recruitment, testing, selection. Because we leverage state of the art Applicant Tracking Systems, we cut your recruitment costs by up to 50%.

My Job Uganda DOES NOT give jobs.  We point you in the right direction to organizations that are looking for employees.  We sometimes get, through our parent company, recruitment contracts and run an end-to-end recruitment exercise.  This does not imply “giving people jobs”  If you apply through us, you will have to undergo a competitive process where the best candidate is selected.

My Job Uganda works with you to review your CV/Resume – for a fee.  You pay the fee HERE and then mail us your CV at info@myjobug.com then our specialists shall reach out to you to work with you online to review your CV/Resume.  In case you are facing any difficulty, you can reach out to us at +256751720120.

My Job Uganda advertises jobs for small businesses for FREE.  Terms and Conditions for free advertising are as follows:

  1. Your business/company should be legally registered (you provide proof to this effect).
  2. Your business/company shares the job advert and job description by email at info@myjobug.com
  3. Your job advert should have a link where the candidates apply to or an email address through which the small business receives the applications
  4. My Job Uganda runs the advert for you for a maximum of 30 days for Free

My Job Uganda cuts your recruitment cost by at least 30% by leveraging online candidate sourcing, testing and selection tools as follows:

  1. We capture applications online (and save you lots of costs in paper-work)
  2. We develop and customize tests according to each unique role/job and ensure that we are tapping into candidates’ potential for outstanding performance.
  3. We carry out proctored online screening/testing for your candidates (ensuring they do not cheat even online)
  4. We support you carry out background checks, run a digital footprint or follow up on the validation of their qualifications.

Yes we do provide a broad range of both generic and specialized tests ranging from psychometric tests, competency based tests, scheduling of practical tests or online simulations depending on the nature of work or client’s business.

My Job Uganda can support you review your application, cover letter and preparations for interviews to enable you posture yourself in a manner that highlights your true strengths.  This we do through a process of helping you demonstrate how you have achieved results in your previous work experience.

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