Catch up with the latest recruitment trends for 2020

by Andrew Hyeroba April 15, 2020 No comments Blog

Many job seekers in Uganda and East Africa at large are struggling to catch up with changes in recruitment practices and as a result are missing on opportunities that leverage contemporary recruitment approaches.  Many of these trends also carry demands on technology access, skills in using technology, a fast learning curve for job seekers plus increased attention and dedication of time and effort to the application process.  Three things that we need to pay attention to in the year 2020 when preparing to apply for jobs include:

  1. Practice Video-CV presentation: Companies are increasingly requiring applicants to provide an audio-visual recording narrative of their work profile.  Job seekers have to now learn how to present themselves in front of a camera.  Practice, practice practice till you like what your presentation looks like.
  2. Dedicate time to fill Applicant Tracking Systems information: Gone are the days when you would simply type and print one CV or Resume and drop it off at different organizations or even attach and email them to different organizations. While that is still possible with some jobs, most organizations are beginning to recruit online.  This means, you could spend an average of 2-4 hours capturing your CV on an applicant tracking system.  Start with one per week.  In your country, the first stop could be the public service applicant tracking system where you capture your data.  Whenever an opportunity arises, you will spend less time filling additional information necessary for the specific job.
  3. Seek help understanding how Applicant Tracking Systems filter or sort applicants: Top notch Applicant Tracking Systems or online recruitment systems leverage Artificial Intelligence to sort applications.  Basic ones look up key words and themes in your application and sort the ones that best fit what the recruiter is looking for.  Ask your HR friend or HR manager what these systems look out for in the case of your prospecting job and practice writing your CV in a manner that makes it noticeable.

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