A low-cost approach to shortening the recruitment process for organizations

by Andrew Hyeroba July 16, 2020 No comments Blog

What is the recruitment challenge for entry-level jobs in Sub-Saharan Africa?

The cost of recruitment is sometimes scary for many organizations especially in a business environment where labor supply is high and there are high unemployment rates.  Imagine advertising for a research assistant job anywhere in East Africa.   The minimum number of applications could be in the thousands.  For companies that have not leveraged applicant tracking systems to support recruitment processes, short listing can be a daunting task.  The short listing process would probably have to be done manually.  This takes up valuable time for the HR Department.

How can organizations surmount this challenge?

A shrewd and tech-savvy HR Manager can support his/her organization to surmount this challenge by leveraging low-cost application tracking systems that come in form of website plugins, saving the company thousands of dollars in both recruitment times and costs.  There is, of course, the part where one has to now leverage this technology to facilitate a small degree of automation of the recruitment process e.g. pre-screening.  By asking key qualification criteria questions and providing a validation rule to automatically disqualify applicants that do not meet the basic entry criteria,  HR Manager will be able to leverage technology to sift through the myriad of applications and generate a smaller but refined short list of potential candidates.

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