Online Testing: Don’t get caught off-guard

Online Testing: Don’t get caught off-guard

by admin April 08, 2020 April 08, 2020 No comments

Job seekers are increasingly observing that part of their recruitment involves online-testing.  This testing can take many forms.  Some recruiters send you a document by email and ask you to respond to the questions and send them back by email.  Other recruiters require you to stay online from the start to the finish of the test.  Today we shall look at online testing that requires you to stay online from the start to the finish.

Many job seekers seek help and support from more experienced colleagues in answering or responding to online tests.  Technology has evolved to enable online proctoring (test invigilation) supported by Artificial Intelligence.  Top-notch online proctoring involves continuous monitoring of the job seeker / test taker while they are undergoing the test.  This monitoring starts with ID verification, then uses one’s computer camera to monitor movement, scripts to monitor online activity (e.g. doing a google search while online) and actual screen time.

If you are a job seeker and have an online interview, beware, you might just get caught off-guard trying to cheat the interview.

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