Job hunting in the COVID-19 era

by Andrew Hyeroba April 06, 2020 No comments Blog

What is happening with recruitment in the COVID-19 period?

Countries are implementing lock down after lock down and this has inadvertently hampered the job-search as well as recruitment initiatives of many companies. In fact, many companies are laying off workers.  While this is happening, some organizations have  decided to keep up the spirit and hope that the pandemic will subside and there will be need for employees.  This has caused them to advertise jobs but put on hold the appointment to the inevitable post-COVID-19 era.

What does this mean for job seekers? 

If you lost a job and are in lock down, now is the time to review your CV and prepare it for the next job.  A wise job seeker should be looking around online, in the print media as well as with public service jobs for opportunities.  In addition, because many organizations use applicant tracking systems, one could utilize this time filling their personal details and professional qualifications and experience in many of these applicant tracking systems in order to prepare to apply as and when these job openings come up.

Now is not the time to despair but to rise up and re-position oneself for the market.

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